Collegare PC TV senza cavi

Come collegare il PC al TV senza cavi in modalità wireless


Want to know how to connect PC to TV without cables ?

Do you want to watch Netflix from PC to non-Smart TV and don’t know how to do it?


Do you want to use Chromecast and don’t know how to do it?

Follow the expert guide which will explain all the ways to connect your computer to the TV without using cables in a quick and easy way.


You want to watch a movie on TV , but you only have it on your PC .

Or you want to use with a bigger screen to get less tired or, again, you need to use the TV to see vacation photos or show Power Point or videos of various kinds.


In these cases you simply have to connect the TV to the PC.

If you have an HDMI cable it’s pretty simple.


But what if you don’t have a cable available or if you want to move the laptop away from the TV?

Simple, you have to connect the PC to the TV wirelessly .


It may seem like a tough undertaking, but nowadays it isn’t anymore.

There are several methods to do this, and in our guide we will explain them all in a simple and quick way.


Not to mention that even if you have a cable, the wireless connection is more convenient as you can stream content to several TVs without having to move your computer.


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Classic method: Wi-Fi connection


Connecting a PC to a TV via Wi-Fi connection is very simple, as long as the TV has Wi-Fi connectivity.

Once you’ve made sure your TV has Wi-Fi connectivity, here’s the process:


  • Activate the TV’s Wi-Fi connectivity : To do this, you must follow the instructions in the TV’s instruction manual.


  • Connect the TV to the Wi-Fi network : remembering, of course, to connect the PC and the TV to the same network.


  • Enter Display settings : On the PC, choose an empty spot on the desktop, press the right mouse button and, in the menu that appears, enter the “Display settings” section.


  • Duplicate screens : In “Screen setup” expand the “more screens” menu, select the “duplicate this screen” option and click “Apply”.


  •  Add the TV to PC devices : Enter the PC settings, in the “Devices” section and then in “Bluetooth and other devices”. Once there, select “Add Device” and select “Wireless Display or Dock” to then add your TV.


  • PC broadcasting to TV will happen automatically.


Apple Tv Plus
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Apple TV Plus how it works, price, release, contents

Use Google Chromecast


One of the easiest ways to connect your computer to your TV without using a cable is Google Chromecast .

Google Chromecast is nothing more than a USB device that can be connected to the HDMI or USB ports of the TV so as to transmit different types of content: PC screen, but also smartphone or tablet.


The first thing to do, after connecting the Google Chromecast to your TV, is to set it correctly:


  • Google Chrome : You need to install the google browser on your PC and start it.


  • Chromecast configuration : from Google Chrome, go to the appropriate link to correctly configure the Google Chromecast. First click on “configure your Chromecast device” and, once your Chromecast has been found, click on the use icon and then on “Configure Chromecast”. This will automatically connect to your PC. Once the confirmation code appears, the same as the one on the TV, click on “Yes”, give the Chromecast a name and then click on Next. Now all you have to do is connect the Google Chromecast to the same Wi-Fi network as the PC.


  • Transmission : Once in Chrome, click on the settings icon (top right, the three dots one above the other) and select the “Cast” item. At this point, in the “Sources” menu, you can choose between different options. After choosing, just click on the name of your Google Chromecast to start casting.


  • Broadcast options : you can choose to broadcast the desktop by clicking on “Broadcast Desktop”; to transmit the browser card by clicking on “Send Card” or to transmit a single file by clicking on “Send File”.


Chromecast is compatible with any TV that has an HDMI port and with PCs, Macs, Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones and iPads.


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Connection Via Miracast


The connection between PC and TV via Miracast takes place through a technology similar to that of Chromecast, although less widespread.

The system is based on Wi-Fi Direct , i.e. it does not require a Wi-Fi network as a support, but allows the sending of multimedia contents directly to compatible TVs.


Not all Windows PCs or TVs are compatible, but there are adapters like the Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter that work similarly to Chromecast.

Using a Miracast link is very simple:


  • Commit your Smart TV to the Wi-Fi network.


  • Enter the “Network” or “Connection” section of the TV and activate Miracast. The name of the technology may change from TV to TV, so check your model’s instruction booklet.


  • Now go into the settings of the PC (which must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the TV).


  • Click on the “System” icon and then in the Screen menu.


  • Once there, click on “Connect to Screen” and select your TV.

Sky Go
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How to watch Sky Go on TV?

How To Connect PC To TV Without Cables Through TV Box


A last way, less used, to connect wirelessly the PC to the TV is to use the TV Box .

There are two options: Android TV Box or Apple TV .


The Android TV Box is specially designed devices to be connected to the TV and used for the transmission of multimedia content.

The expert has selected the best models that you can find on the market.


Once you have chosen the model you just have to connect the Android set-top-box to your TV and choose the application to be able to connect PC and TV and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.


The Apple TV , on the other hand, is exclusive to the iOS system.

It is a specific TV Box to connect Mac, iPhone and iPad to the TV and works via AirPlay technology .


This TV box does not need any configuration: once connected to the TV just click on the duplication icon on the Mac menu bar and click on “Apple TV”.


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