Come mettere in Ordine i Canali nelle Liste del Digitale Terrestre

Come mettere in Ordine i Canali nelle Liste del Digitale Terrestre?

With the arrival of digital terrestrial you have surely noticed that the channels are automatically ordered according to the numbered lists established by the TVs.


Through the LCN function, in fact, the broadcasters are already placed on your decoder or on your TV with integrated tuner: for example, at number 1 there is the Rai 1 channel , at number 6 Italy 1 is positioned , or 5 is the Channel number. 5.


But what if you want to change the arrangement of the channels (national and local) to your liking ? If you have a habit of putting your favorite station in the first few numbers on the remote, what do you do?


In light of the new ruling of the Lazio TAR, which annulled the rules on the automatic numbering of digital terrestrial TVs, which established defined number spaces for national and regional televisions (for example from 1 to 9 for the first national channels, and from 10 to 19 for local ones), old problems could arise for channel lists.


In fact, there is a risk of the usual overlapping of numbers between different broadcasters and annoying numbering conflicts that cause the mysterious disappearance of some channels could arise .


How to avoid these possible ” digital troubles ” in the lists of your TV set? Find out how to reorder the digital terrestrial channel list with our advice:


  • Carry out the usual automatic channel tuning , selecting the LCN function just described for automatic numbering. This numbering arranges the national digital terrestrial channels according to a commonly used order (which, however, has been canceled). Read the current national LCN numbering updated based on the agreements made between the broadcasters.


  • If the search finds some channels with the same number , they may conflict . Most decoders or TVs report the problem with a message . In this case you will have to choose which channel should keep the contested number . The discarded channel, on the other hand, will not be lost forever, but will go to the bottom of the lists on your device .


  • To find and move the channel to the bottom of the list and if you want to move other channels to your liking, at the end of the automatic search, enter the main menu of the decoder, then in the “channel configuration” or “channel management” . Look for the item “change program” , or “move program” (the exact text of the menu item depends on the brand of your decoder or your TV).


  • Select the channel from the list with the confirm button (ok) , then scroll the list with the up and down arrows and place it at the chosen number in place of the station previously inserted in the list. In some decoder models the channels will swap positions , in others the local station will be inserted between the numbers of those in the list .


  • You can repeat this for as many regional and national channels as you like . This process of moving TV stations takes a few minutes of time and a good deal of patience.


  • Quando hai terminato il riordinamento dei canali locali memorizza il tuo lavoro con l’apposito tasto di conferma e avrai ottenuto la tua lista personalizzata.


Puoi anche scegliere di ordinare i canali in modalità completamente manuale, ma questo comprenderà il posizionamento numerico a mano di tutti i canali sintonizzati dal tuo decoder o tv:


  • Per cominciare seleziona l’opzione Reset delle Impostazioni di Fabbrica dal menu del tuo decoder o tv, per cancellare completamente ogni canale già memorizzato.


  • Fai una nuova sintonizzazione dei canali. Deselezionando prima dal menù l’opzione “numerazione automatica LCN” e inserendo la “numerazione manuale“.


  • In questo i canali saranno posizionati nelle liste nell’ordine cronologico corrispondente alla ricerca sulle frequenze tv.


  • Terminata la sintonia, imposta manualmente i numeri dei canali. Entra nel menù principale, poi nella “configurazione dei canali” o “gestione canali“. Cerca la voce “cambio programma“, o “gestione canali” o “sposta programma” (il testo esatto della voce del menù dipende dalla marca del tuo decoder o del tuo televisore). Seleziona il canale con il tasto di conferma (ok), poi scorri la lista con le frecce su e giù e posizionalo al numero prescelto al posto della stazione precedentemente inserita nella lista.


  • Ripeti questa operazione per tutti i canali nazionali e locali che desideri.


  • When you have finished reordering the channels, it memorizes the numerical order you have established with the appropriate confirmation button. Good! Now you have got your custom channel list with the channels finally in the right place!

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