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Come vedere Eleven Sports in Streaming e in TV senza problemi


How can you watch Elevent Sports programs in streaming and on TV?

How do you use the application?


Here is the expert’s guide on how to see Eleven Sports sports content on TV and Streaming without problems.


Eleven Sports is an England-based Web TV entirely dedicated to sport.

Its schedule offers both free and paid content that can be enjoyed after creating an account.


Among the paid sports content on the platform there are the live matches of Serie C football, the A2 Volleyball Series. 


Events of which it is also possible to buy single matches. As for the free content, however, there are water polo , motorsport or fencing events, as well as various in-depth programs and highlights of the matches of the C series of football or the A2 series of volleyball.


As for the cost of subscriptions , there are several packages available for both single matches and all series.

The offers change every season, but can be checked in the appropriate section of the site.


How To Create An account On Eleven Sports?


In order to use Eleven Sports, the most important thing is to create an account.


Here is the procedure for creating the account:



  • Click on the Login or Register button that appears at the top right and click Register.


  • You can choose the Register with one click option by choosing from five options: Log in with Facebook, Log in with Twitter, Log in with Google, Log in with Virgilio or Log in with Libero to register using a Facebook account, a Twitter account, a Google account, an email Virgilio or a Libero mail.


  • If you want to register with another email, in the classic way, you must enter Name, Surname, Email, Password, Date of birth and other optional data.


  • Now you just have to check the “I’m not a Robot” item, accept the terms of service and declare that you have read the privacy policy.


Your account on Eleven Sports is ready and you can start using it to watch it both on TV and in Streaming on other devices.



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How To See Eleven Sports On TV?


You can watch Eleven Sports if you have a Smart TV.

Depending on the type of Smart TV, you need to go to the respective marketplace and download the Eleven Sports Italia application.


Once downloaded, just activate it, log in with your account and start viewing the content available based on your subscription type.


If you do not have a Smart TV you can see your television used in combination with dongles such as the Google Chromecast or the Amazon Fire Tv Stick to be able to see it on the television anyway.


In any case, it is not guaranteed that the application will be seen on your Smart TV.


Some Smart TV models, in fact, have codecs that can block the application. Consequently, the functioning of the app on Smart TVs is not guaranteed by the company.


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How To Eatch Eleven Sports In Streaming?


The first way to stream Eleven Sports is on a PC.

To do this, all you have to do is go to the site and log in with your account.


Once logged into your account, Live Events and Schedule is available at the top right.


In the first section you can watch the events available live, in the second section, however, what is the schedule of the day and you can review everything that has already been broadcast during the day.


You can watch Eleven Sports in Streaming, then, also through smartphone or tablet by downloading the free application for Android or iOS.


Once the app is downloaded, free content that does not require an account will be available immediately.

To be able to watch everything else, however, you need to log in with your account.


In the application there are two sections: the Live section contains the list of all live events and the schedule of events, the Video section on the other hand, contains everything you can watch for free.


By connecting your tablet or smartphone to a Google Chromecast, moreover, you can use the device as a source and watch all the events even on any television that has a USB port.


Due to the numerous inefficiencies of the platform encountered during the 2020-21 season, the Serie C football matches will be broadcast for free by Eleven Sports on Facebook and YouTube .


Program of the seventh day of the Serie C 2020-21:


Saturday 24 October 2020

Carpi – Cesena at 8.45 pm (Group B)
Virtus Francavilla – Potenza at 8.45 pm (Group C also on Facebook)


Sunday 25 October 2020

Olbia – Pro Vercelli ore 12:30  (Girone A anche su Facebook)
Grosseto – Albinoleffe ore 15:00 (Girone A)
Pistoiese – Pro Sesto ore 15:00 (Girone A)
Renate – Livorno ore 15:00  (Girone A anche su Facebook)
Fano – Mantova ore 15:00 (Girone B)
Feralpisalò – Ravenna ore 15:00 (Girone B)
Sambenedettese – Modena ore 15:00 (Girone B)
Triestina – Virtus Verona ore 15:00 (Girone B anche su Facebook)
Cavese – Monopoli ore 15:00 (Girone C anche su Facebook)
Giana Erminio – Como ore 17:30 (Girone A)
Lecco – Piacenza ore 17:30 (Girone A anche su Facebook)
Pergolettese – Pro Patria ore 17:30 (Girone A anche su Facebook)
Imolese – Fermana ore 17:30 (Girone B)
Matelica – Arezzo ore 17:30 (Girone B)
Padova – Sudtirol ore 17:30 (Girone B anche su Facebook)
Perugia – Vis Pesaro ore 17:30 (Girone B anche su Facebook)
Avellino – Casertana ore 17:30 (Girone C anche su Facebook)
Ternana – Foggia ore 17:30 (Girone C anche su Facebook)
Teramo – Juve Stabia ore 18:30 (Girone C anche su Facebook)
Lucchese – Juventus U23 ore 20:00 (Girone A anche su Facebook)
Alessandria – Pontedera ore 20:30 (Girone A anche su Facebook)
Novara – Carrarese ore 20:30 (Girone A anche su Facebook)
Gubbio – Legnago ore 20:30 (Girone B anche su Facebook)
Turris – Paganese ore 20:30 (Girone C anche su Facebook)
Vibonese – Viterbese ore 20:30 (Girone C)


Lunedì 26 ottobre 2020

Bari – Catania ore 21:00 (Girone C)


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