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Come vedere i programmi di TV8 in TV e in streaming


How to see for free the exclusive sport of the Europa League of football, the adrenaline of the MotoGP races , the musical talent X Factor 2020 , or the cuisine of MasterChef Italia ?


Simple, just tune your TV to TV8 !


On the TV8 broadcaster (ex Mtv), positioned at number 8 of the remote control , it is in fact possible to enjoy the vision of many successful programs broadcast exclusively by Sky Italia .


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TV8 offers free a rich program schedule with Sky Tg24 news for information; the deferred and live races of the MotoGP and the direct matches of the Europa League football for sport.


Music lovers cannot miss the best of the week of the successful talent X Factor 2020 .


While for cooking enthusiasts, the episodes of MasterChef Italia and 4 Restaurants with Alessandro Borghese are available, as well as reruns of the reality show Cucine da Incubo.


New this season the Enrico Papi quiz Guess My Age – Guess the age and the Italian comedy series The Comedians with Claudio Bisio and Frank Matano.


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But what if you still can’t get TV8 broadcasts on your TV?

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On Digital Terrestrial


To tune the digital terrestrial channel to number 8 on the remote control, you can do an automatic re- tuning with your decoder or with your TV ( see here how to do it ).


If, on the other hand, you still can’t find TV8 on your TV or decoder, you can try the manual search ( see here how to do it ), by entering frequency 52 UHF (722 MHz) in the tuning settings.


If you live in Sardinia enter the frequency 50 UHF (706 MHz). In the province of Sassari and Oristano channel 54 UHF , frequency 738 Mhz.


In Liguria from 3 February 2020, in Tuscany and in the provinces of Latina , Viterbo and Rome from 21 April channel 58 UHF , frequency 770 Mhz.


By tuning this frequency you will also find and update all the channels broadcast in the national multiplex Mediaset 1 (Fox, Premium Crime, Premium Stories, Premium Cinema 3, Sky Sport 24 HD, Sky Sport Serie A HD, Cielo, Sky Tg24).


Since December 2020 , the TV8 channel has abandoned the frequencies of the national multiplex TIMB 3 (Spike, K2, Frisbee, POP, Supertennis, VH1 and others).


Starting from 12 December 2020, the channel will only be available on MUX Mediaset 1 .


If you are still unable to receive TV8 try to fix the tuning and your TV system with the advice of the expert .


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On The Satellite


If you have a satellite TV system at home, you can tune TV8 on the Tivùsat platform ( see here how to switch to Tivùsat ).

You can always find it at key 8 of the numbering .


If you can’t find it, you can try a manual search with your sat decoder by entering the frequency 11.881 MHz in vertical polarization, with symbol rate 27.500, and Foward Error Correction 3/4 for the HotBird 13B satellite.


The channel is also visible on the Sky pay-TV in HD at number 121 in the list (frequency 12.360 MHz, horizontal polarization, symbol rate 29.900 and Fec 3/4) and in standard definition at number 190 on the same frequencies as Tivùsat.


On The Web


TV8 is also broadcast live on the official website at where almost all live programs are broadcast.

A video on demand catalog of the channel’s programs is also available on the site.


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